• Contra-rotating slow mixing with teflon scrapers
  • Homogenizing turbine (speed up to 3.000 rpm)
  • Control Panel T&S color kind to show all the main machine.
  • Hydraulic lifting of the cover
  • Hydraulic vessel tilting to facilitate the finished product discharge
  • Essences little hopper
  • Central bottom valves to suck undervacuum raw material or discharge the finished product
  • Inspection window with light to check the mixing phases


Optionals available


  • Check weighters
  • Cleaning system by spray balls
  • Printing of production data
  • Heating by steam

Technical data

Mixing motor

0,50 Kw

Turbine motor

3 Kw
Vacuum pump

0,75 Kw

Heating elements

6 Kw