About us

Axomatic is worlwide leader in projecting and realizing automatic machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chimical and food sectors.
We have been producing for more than 30 years and always with the same passion the following machines:
• Undervacuum homogenizers and heated melters
• Tube filling and closing machines for aluminium, plastic or laminated tubes
• Volumetric dosing machines
• Complete bottle filling an capping lines
• Special machins (for jars, mascara, cartridges, syringes, monodose, lip gloss etc.)
• Intermittent or continuous cartoning machines
A conecrete reality oriented to the "Customer Satisfaction" present in more than 50 Countries

The company

Company thought as ORGANIZATION fundamental and necessary to realize avance guard machineries which must completely meet our Customers needs.
The Customer Satisfaction is the motor of our company, without a positive and satisfying feedback from our Customers we will miss the essential motivations for the continuous improvement.
The concept "ON SITE" let to have always under control every single company function, to have in our hands the Know-how, keeping and improving it.
We have not been limiting ourselves to think about a project, but we realize it completely from the beginning, following each single detail.
We manufacture more than 100 machines per year and export the 80% of our sales, these elements make Axomatic a company with international fame.

Sales Department

THE FIRST JUNCTION RING between us and our Customers, be able to listen to the demand let to our dinamic sales department to clear in shot time the more exigent requirements.
Every detail become fundamental, every needs become source of inspiration not only for the single request but for a continuous improvement in the short and long period.
Every Axomatic machine is manufactured perfectly in compliance with the Customer expectations.
Furthermore the courtesy, the availability, the ethic and the correctness are all notions present and costant in our activity.

Technical department

True thinking HEART of the company is the firge where we give shape to the ideas.
The extremely capable staff together with new informatic instruments realizes 3D projects which let us see in preview how then the solution will be effectively realized.
The constructing and proactive dialogue with the Customer is a fundamental issue which let to have a common thought Customer/Supplier during the project phase.

Structural work

The structural work department realizes carefulness every structure of our machines. a sophisticated Laser cut system prepare the metal sheets which then will take shape thanks to the skill of qualified operators. 
The welding department is constituted by personnel with all the certificates required and necessary to obtain the validations of our machines. 

Machine shop

Technology and competence are joined together to be used in the manufacturing of the 100% of all the mechanical parts which made our machines.
A complete serie of automatic machines guarantee centesimal precision and repetitiveness in the fabrication, noble materials such as the AISI 316L are perfectly worked without any blunders.
The production process completely "ON SITE" let to check every single componet and guarantee to the Customer quick delivery time, spare parts always available and the complete control of all the entering raw material.


The TEAM of our technicians with twenty-year experience assembly and test our machines, every machine is cuddled and pampered so that it can express all its potential when it is intalled in Customer plant.
Hours of tests and functioning trials guarantee a completely satisfying ending result and answer to the most severe norms in pharmaceutical and cosmetic area.


Every machine and every spare part is primly controlled and packed, ready to be shipped quicklt to every place in the world.

Sales network

Axomatic boast a widespread sales network present in 50 Countries, and many of them offer also a technical support to our Customer to let them feel never alone.