Automatic tube filling and closing machine for filling and closing of Aluminium, Politene or Metal tubes.

  • Maximum output 12.000 pieces / hour
  • Control panel touch&screen with all the main functions
  • Automatic tube loading from the tube magazine
  • Automatic tube orientation
  • Automatic filling with mechanical dosing system with dosage range between 3 and 250ml
  • Diving nozzle for an accurate dosage of the bottom of the tube, adjustabel stroke 130mm
  • Mechanical jaw closing system for aluminium tubes, with simple, double or saddle fold
  • Hot jaws for politene, laminated and polyfoil tubes
  • Hot air sealing system for politene, laminated and polyfoil tubes
  • Ultrasonic sealing system for politene tubes
  • Possibility to realize sagomated sealing system following ti Customer drawings such as round edge, curved seal, wave seal etc.
  • Axomatic machine can work up to 60mm plastic tubes

Technical data


200 pieces per minute

Dosing range

Between 3 and 250 ml (up to 500 optional)

Tube diameters

10-50mm (60mm optional)

Tube heights

60-280 mm