Volumetric filling machine having a pneumatic running suitable for dosing liquid, and cream product for cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries, to fill STABLE CONTAINERS.

  • Empty containers are positioned on the rotating table, they are conveyed to an automatic device which stop the machine with the filling below the filling nozzle.
  • After the filling on the rotating table the containers reaches the postion on the discharge side
  • Dosing range between 10 to 1100 ml
  • Adjusting dosing volume also when the machine is moving
  • Easy dismounting and cleaning of the parts in contact with the product tanks to triclamp  
  • Machine body covers completely in Stainless Steel AISI 304L with a proper glazing type “Scoth Brite TM”
  • All the parts in contact with the product in AISI 316L
  • Simple hopper with cover in AISI 316L mirror polished inside and outside 200 granes (maximum capacity 25 Lt.)
  • Possibility to have different versions with heated hopper and stirrer to make easier the filling for thick products
  • Detailed instruction manual including functioning schemes detailed for the spare parts